About Roger

Roger’s Background

Roger has been cutting hair for 33 years, specializing in haircuts that are easy to maintain and look superb. In 2007 he established his current barber shop in Boulder, Colorado and has since developed a reputation for consistently high quality haircuts. Before he discovered his passion for cutting hair, he was a straight A art student. His background in the arts is evidenced in his attention to form, detailed process, and ongoing refinement of his craft.

Roger’s Process

Roger handles every session himself, one person at a time. He uses his own multi-dimensional mirror technique to sculpt the hair to individual head shapes. Roger is known for his meticulous attention to detail and his modern take on classic styles. He’s also known for his endless enthusiasm and knowledge of classic popular music, often imparting interesting facts about the music playing in the background.


Truly, I remember calling him after my first cut and telling him that my wife and I were *very* happy with the cut. He’s just that good.

Jared K.

Roger knows what he is doing. He takes his time and won’t stop until he thinks it’s perfect. My hair is difficult to work with, but he makes it look fantastic every time.

Joshua R.

Quite possibly the best barber you will find anywhere, at any price.

James C.

Fragrance Info

What is Fragrance?

Chemical “fragrance” is a mixture of various chemical compounds—often classified as toxic—derived from petroleum and used in a vast array of consumer products including: laundry detergent, dryer sheets, shampoo, after shave, cologne/perfume, deodorant, and lotion. Roger recommends using fragrance-free products whenever possible, both for your own health and for Roger’s sake, as he has a sensitivity to chemical fragrance. As a rule of thumb, please avoid any products with a strong scent before your appointment. Click here for more information.

Find the Shop

Directions and Parking

Roger The Barber is located in North Boulder at 4716 18th Street. Turn onto 18th from Yarmouth Avenue. Look for the green house at the end of the block, and head upstairs. Street parking is available in the area.

Further Questions

For all other questions or specifications, e-mail Roger directly here. Solicitors need not inquire.